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Basin Researcher Africa


About IHS Markit <br /> IHS Markit harnesses deep sources of information, analytics and expertise to forge solutions for the industries and markets that drive global economies. Our company partners with clients in business, finance and government to provide the unrivaled insights and perspectives that lead to well-informed, confident decisions. We call this The New Intelligence. IHS Markit serves more than 50,000 key customers in more than 140 countries, including 80 percent of the Fortune Global 500. We help decision makers apply higher-level thinking to daily tasks and strategic issues across a host of industries and disciplines including energy, finance, automotive, engineering, technology, maritime and trade, aerospace and defense, chemical, and economics and country risk. <br /> Headquartered in London, IHS Markit (Nasdaq: INFO) is committed to sustainable, profitable growth. <br /> __________________________________________________________________________________________ <br /> Title: Europe Basin Researcher <br /> The Europe regional team is responsible for sourcing, researching and analysing data for database entry. You will be working with Modular and Regional Managers, Field Researchers and Exploration Researchers on project(s) intended to increase the completeness, correctness, consistency, and currency of the IHS Markit database. This position is based in our Moscow office. <br /> Position Summary: <br /> IHS Markit Upstream content offers unique worldwide coverage of basin-related information. Our basin researchers analyse basin-related information obtained from a large variety of sources in many different languages and formats to create the content delivered to our customers through IHS Markits key Upstream products such as EDIN application and Basin Monitors reports. <br /> The basin researcher is responsible for research, analysis and reporting of information relating to petroleum basins in Europe region, and the maintenance and quality control of an Oracle Database. The position also supports the geological spatial layers in the Energy-GIS products. <br /><br /> Job Responsibilities: <br /> Undertake extensive research for information relating to petroleum basins in Africa region <br /> Analyze and interpret data for the preparation of basin monitor reports and the maintenance of an Oracle Database of petroleum basins. <br /> Conduct technical data review projects in conjunction with the basin and E&P databases updates. <br /> Use various computer applications, including GIS tools, for data quality control and the preparation of ad hoc reports; <br /> Write different sections of the basin monitor reports which include discussion on stratigraphy, plays, petroleum system, basin evolution, exploration history, development and production history, and exploration potential. <br /> Define basin limits through available materials and prepare key geological images (structural map, regional cross sections, stratigraphic charts, etc). <br /> Search and analyse data for frontier basins and assist in their basin definition. <br /> Complete a specified number of Basin Monitor reports per year. <br /> Maintain the Iris 21 Basin Databases (Geological Provinces, Plays, Petroleum Systems Stratigraphy and Bibliography) on request from regional team members. <br /> Maintain geological spatial layers with GIS tools for Africa region. <br /> Participate to regional presentations to clients and/or IHS Markit Insight analysts. <br /> Attend industry-related events to gather information and build network of contacts. <br /> Publish paper(s) in scientific journals and/or oral presentation(s) in international conferences <br /> Required Education: <br /> A Bachelor's degree in a Geoscience-related subject is essential. Post-graduate geoscience qualification preferred. <br /> Required Experience: <br /> Strong industry or academic geoscience background or experience <br /> 3+ years of oil and gas industry experience <br /> Experience with data analysis software such as Excel, Access, Power BI, etc., and GIS tool such as ESRI ArcMap <br /> Other Skills: <br /> Good technical knowledge on Africa basins, petroleum systems, plays, and stratigraphic units. <br /> Ability to prioritize multiple objectives and work to deadlines <br /> Good communication skills with fluent spoken and written English and the ability to make presentations and write reports. Knowledge of other language(s) such as Arabic, French or Portuguese is a plus. <br /> Team player who is able to demonstrate a high level of initiative <br /> IT skills including use of oracle databases and ESRI GIS systems. <br /> Proven experience in scientific writing and publication <br /><br /> Please note that successful candidates only will be contacted.

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