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Head of Business Unit


Our client is a leading western company: automation solutions for process industries. <br /><br /> This is a high level position: number of subordinates - >300, annual turnover >$100 mln <br /><br /> Job Description <br /> Goals <br /> Responsible for the performance and development of all sales activities in an assigned pole. <br /> Establishing and owning the plans and strategies aimed at serving and expanding the customer base in the pole <br /> Ensure the staffing of a sales team that achieves maximum profitability and growth in line with Companys vision and strategic objectives <br /> Ensure coordinated sales activities on pole strategic pursuits <br /> As a member of pole management coordinate activities with other functions and across regions to achieve overall business results <br /> Serve as a executive sponsor of Company by maintaining customer contacts and relationships at senior levels in support of territory account managers and account strategies <br /><br /> Key Deliverables <br /> Defined strategies and initiatives to attain growth in the pole <br /> Growth in the form of new customers and new opportunities at new or existing sites <br /> Revenue and margin above set quota in support of Annual Operating Plan <br /> Leadership and mentoring throughout the organization <br /> Executive sponsorship for select customers <br /> Accurate forecast of revenue and growth opportunities <br /> Responsibilities <br /> Business Relationships: Uses internal and external relationships to accurately assess potential barriers, to allocate resources necessary for change initiatives, and to aid the pole sales teams to cross political boundaries; As an executive sponsor leverages relationships with the customer in support of local sales strategies <br /> Sales Process: Provides cross pole/region coordination of sales activities and manages resources to maximize results from identified sales opportunities; Ensure approved sales processes are followed and company procedures and systems are effectively deployed in the pole; Provide leadership for sales pursuits in pole level or large regional accounts; Manage the pole SUMMIT Account program; Lead pole growth initiatives, planning and sales forecasting processes; Monitors and tracks key sales performance metrics for the pole <br /> Customers: Industrial customers in the process industries; 20-30 Sales Managers; Internal resources and functions that interface with sales; Pole SUMMIT Account Managers <br /> People Management: Deploy and motivate a group of sales managers that deliver results; Attract, mentor, coach and develop team members in support of sales excellence; Manage and prioritize deployment of personnel and resources to match pole requirements; Provide strategic vision to the sales team; Effectively interact with other pole management to represent sales and to coordinate activities that affect sales <br /> <br /><br /> Skills Knowledge Experience <br /> Establish credibility and respect for self and Company internally & externally <br /> Anticipate future trends accurately; learn quickly and think independently to adapt as required <br /> Push self and others to achieve bottom line results <br /> Manage and direct resources towards meeting clearly articulated account and territory growth objectives <br /> Judge the strengths and limitations of their team <br /> Prioritize and focus efforts on best opportunities (short and long term) based on business needs. <br /> Excellent interpersonal, communication, and presentation skills <br /> Motivate others <br /> Mentors team members to assist in their growth, developing people in a performance based culture <br /> Decisive and consistent in resolving conflict <br /> Leadership: create, adapt and drive change Understands the value proposition of Company and all the company has to offer <br /> Understands the strategic direction of Company <br /> A well developed sense of the industry and market trends in their given territory <br /> From experience a good knowledge of our customers businesses and drivers <br /> Financial and business acumen <br /> Good knowledge of commercial terms, contract terms, etc. <br /> Exceptional knowledge of internal sales process and systems required to provide superb customer service Ten + years in industrial market sales <br /> Demonstrates strategic leadership and authority <br /> Experience maneuvering through complex political situations effectively and quietly <br /> Experienced in complex sales: including engaging early in the customer buying cycle at senior levels; building long-term strategic and executive relationships; team selling and opportunity planning <br /> Track record managing successful teams <br /> Experience planning, developing and executing sales campaigns or programs in specific markets or for specific products <br /> Direct sales, sales management, marketing and project management experience <br /> A demonstrated ability to motivate sales managers and others with drive and energy resulting in aggressive growth.

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