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Senior Geophysicist


Accountabilities <br /><br /> The Senior Geophysicist will have a wide-ranging pan-asset role with accountabilities to (i) provide geophysical support to each of three assets on a need-to basis for well planning and drilling operations, 3D seismic (volume) interpretation, and reservoir prediction, (ii) support each asset with 4D interpretation and integration, (iii) carry out cross-asset or asset-specific special studies (e.g., involving QI and seismically-constrained IRM), and (iv) support the design of a 2018/2019 seismic acquisition campaign (3D/4D; streamer/OBS) covering all assets. <br /> This role will require extensive cross-disciplinary engagements and Technical Assurance involvement, and will also include coaching RF staff in, especially, integration of 4D results into the business. Given the pan-asset accountabilities, substantial flexibility in project execution will be required. <br /> Specific accountabilities: <br /> Stand in and support for (three) asset geophysicists when needed (3D/4D interpretation, TD-conversion, well planning and drilling operations, input to FDPs and field reviews). <br /> Support asset geophysicists in detailed 4D interpretation and integration of 4D results (including 4D Close-the-Loop) into reservoir model updates. <br /> Carry out special studies outside the scope and/or time availability of the asset interpreters (e.g., QI, 4D-geomechanics implications), partly in direct cooperation <br /> Provide support for activities around design and execution of a 2018/2019 seismic acquisition campaign <br /> Provide support in setting-up and steering extensive 3D/4D processing (likely including PS and DAS) of the 2018/2019 seismic to be carried out by a third party. <br /> Coach RF geoscience staff in best practices in seismic qualitative and quantitative interpretation and integration. <br /> Take a lead role in improved data management of large amounts of new geophysical data (3D/4D) <br /> Identify opportunities to improve seismic data quality, acquire additional geophysical data, and to deploy new technologies (e.g., in volume interpretation). <br /> Lead elements of the Geophysics discipline improvement plan, and participate in discipline meetings. <br /> As TA2, or after TA2 accreditation: <br /> Work with the GP TA1/TA2 and PG TA1/TA2s in providing assurance for horizon and fault prognosis, well trajectory, and geohazards. <br /> Ensure there is an audit trail of own assurance activities. <br /> For projects where nominated TA2, keep connection with project lead and give input early (in framing & planning), and provide advice during project. Maintain an overview of the Hydrocarbon Maturation activities in the project(s). <br /> Keep Chief Geophysicist informed of any issues. <br /> Maintain overview of global best practise, ensuring that latest technologies and standards are applied. <br /><br /> Experience & qualifications: <br /> Masters or PhD degree in relevant field (e.g., Geophysics, Physics, Mathematics). <br /> At least 11 years relevant experience as Geophysicist with broad exposure to other PE disciplines. <br /><br /> Key competences required <br /><br /> Demonstrated competences in 3D/4D interpretation (nDI / Petrel) and 4D integration. <br /> Competences in areas of reservoir characterization (QI), seismically-constrained reservoir modeling, seismic acquisition and processing. <br /> Experience in brownfield surveillance and infill development an advantage: *** has previously been in primary development mode and is only recently making the transition to maintain and extend. Ability to bring brownfield thinking would be an advantage. <br /> Good interpersonal and communications skills. <br /> Ability to influence without formal leadership role, particularly in other cultures. <br /> Enthusiasm for technical hands-on peer-assist and coaching and ability to coach and inspire others. <br /> Motivated and flexible to adapt work practices to meet an aggressive project timeline, specifically meeting Russian approvals and internal decision gates, without jeopardizing work quality.

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