No. 2, 2005


Yuri Somov has hardly ever parted with his camera since the early 1950s when he embarked on a professional photographic career with the blessings of Boris Sakharov, the famous Russian portrait photographer.

Yuri Somov largely owes his success story to years of fruitful collaboration with the Novosti Press Agency as a photo correspondent.

His assignments took him to all parts of Russia and over 100 foreign countries, with the routes he covered by road, rail and air adding up to double the distance between the earth and the moon. Many of his masterpieces were created in line of routine duty, but his utterly unusual vision of his subjects made all the difference. His outstanding talent and skill won him top distinctions at major international photo contests in Germany, Sweden, Brazil, Canada, Czechia and other countries.

His motto is to keep pace with time. Yuri Somov's favorite themes - Spacemen, Nature, Theatre, Sport, Our Multifaceted Planet - embrace both prominent landmarks and commonplace events of the past century's history.

His work is marked by a deep insight into the surrounding world and keen interest in, and partiality for, whomever or whatever he trains his camera on. Yuri Somov seeks to capture eternal values like scenic beauty, the joys of life, love and motion. Hence the infinite variety of his pictures' moods and compositions.

Yuri Somov's colleagues note his extraordinary professional intuition which always unerringly tells him which moments and scenes are truly worth perpetuating.

Since 1997, Yuri Somov has thrown in his lot with LUKOIL. It is thanks to him that the efforts exerted by thousands of the Company's

workers in Western Siberia, Timan-Pechora oil- and gas- province, Yamal Peninsula, on the Caspian and in many other regions of our country and outside its borders receive a worthy coverage in the national and regional press. Thousands of his top-notch pictures adorned pages of many oil and gas magazines. The master regularly contributes photos for Oil of Russia and Neft Rossii magazines.

Today, Yuri Somov deems it one of his most important missions in life to keep a pictorial chronicle of LUKOIL's activities. His superior professionalism and high creative potential make us certain that he will do a brilliant job of it.

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Oil of Russia, No. 2, 2005
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